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Adventure Tours

Southern Circuit


We offer a tour where everyone will be able to know different architectural places of the Inca time and as well will be ready to appreciate the colonial art represented by the chapel Sixtina in Andahuaylillas, we will have incomparable

companies riding a bicycle by the villages bordering the south area of Cusco. This is a great alternative for the tourist that likes the bicycle and the adventure and enjoy the benefits that give us the nature.


8:00 AM
Transfering the guest from their hotels..
8:30 AM
(best time to start)
We begin the journey in bicycle heading for our first destination that is the
Saylla village , place characterized by the elaboration and commercialization
of their typical plate, the "Chicharrones".In our ride we will pass by the populated
centers of San Sebastián and San Jerónimo.
9:45 AM
We continue with our journey visiting Saylla toward the population of Huasao,
population that is devoted highly to the mysticism and having many
chamanes presence who are the ones who practice the inkas religion.
10:30 AM
Living from Huasao and forward to Tipon.
12:00 AM
We arrive to Tipon that was a great hydraulic center in the Inca time, and place
where we can enjoy with typical plate of Andean origin elaborated with the help
of guinea pigs.. We continue visiting and leaving Tipon for arrive the next
village called Oropesa where the people is in charge to elaborate
and commercialization of bread. In this town we will visit the bakeries and typical
ovens as well as some "Chicheria".
01:00 PM
Box Lunch in Oropesa village.
02:00 PM
We continue our journey riding to Piquillakta architectural Inca complex .
03:00 PM
We finish our flat riding in Andahuaylillas that represents the colonial beauty
architectural Sixtina Chapel, which keeps beautiful canvases of
cusquenian Art School and altarpieces of Baroque style.
04:00 PM
Our return by van to Cusco city.
04:30 PM
Arriving to Cusco and leaving the guests in their hotel.


- Round transportation and the van going all the times behind the cyclist.
- Entrance tickets.
- Bilingual expert guide.
- Box lunch
- A mountain bike cycle.
- Helmets and gloves.


- Sport clothes (of preference short pants)
- Blocking or solar protector and sunglasses.
- Small Backpack.
- Warm clothes for our return.