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Adventure Tours

Horse Riding to Ollantaytambo Pumamarca


This is a tour that mixes the culture, because we visit the Inca fortress of Ollantaytambo, with nature, because we ride and visit the Valley of Ollantaytambo and after that we will see a another Inca place Called Puma Marca or Puma Land, join us to our adventure and enjoy a day full of fun and natural beauty.



08.00 AM
It begins with the picking up of passengers from their accommodation and transport to the starting point of the above Ollantaytambo.
10.00 AM
We started the ride taking a Guiding tour of the following natural places to go to Puma Marca valley or Land of the Puma, where we will go up gradually to reach the archaeological complex of Puma Marca. After our tour we will back to the village of Ollantaytambo.
02.30 PM
Return to Cusco where the tour ends with the transfer of passengers to their respective lodgings.



- Transfers in / out of the hotel.
- Service ride.
- Official tourist guide specializing in horseback riding.
- Horsemen of security.



- Sunscreen or sunblock and sunglasses
- Small Backpack.
- Warm clothes for the return.