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Inca Trail 4D3N


The Inca Trail was the largest road network of all America, the Inca Trail was a way to travel the Inca territory without a guide or map, because the Inca trail connected the Incas Places with each other.
Now there are only some Inca Roads that were not destroyed by the own Inca engineers or by the time.
Our adventure takes us to explore the Inca Trail that connects the fortress of Ollantaytambo with many other Inca sites and temples with the mysterious Machu Picchu, join us to this great expedition which explains why the destruction of the Inca Trails and the use of this.



5:30 a.m. Picking up the passengers of their respective lodgings.
We start in our private bus driving toward the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the km 82, the starting point of our walk, after a brief explanation of the route and the necessary recommendations from our guide, we started the journey towards Wayllabamba (2740 m ), after a journey of about 4 hours, we arrived at the place called Wayllabamba, where we camp and spend the night, but before we have a special dinner and welcome.


We got up early, and after a breakfast prepared by our chefs, we continue the journey through Llullucha after Warmiwañusca Pass (4200 m) this is the highest point of the route, also known it as the dead woman pass, since the formation of mountains resembling the silhouette of a woman at rest.
On the tour we will appreciate abundant flora and fauna, reaching Pacaymayo River valley, where our team travelers (cooks and porters) hope to celebrate our adventure and survive the dead woman pass, in this place will be our second camp.


After breakfast, we go out from Pacaymayo Valley, this is the day where we find most important archaeological remains of the Inca Trail, passing through the Runkuracay pass (3924 m), on our way we will visit the archaeological remains of Runcuracay, Sayaqmarca and Phuyupatamarka, continuing our way to Wiñay Huayna, (2650 m), where we camp for the last night and we say goodbye to our traveling team (cooks and porters) because they take an alternative route to get to Aguas Calientes.


After breakfast we set off on a path toward the Inti Punku (Sun Gate) which is the gateway to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, from this point we can appreciate the charm and mystery of this hidden city between the mountains, from this point a path lead us directly to Machu Picchu, where we will have a guiding tour of this wonderful Inca architectural complex.
In the afternoon descend by bus to Aguas Calientes town, where we board the train back to Cusco.
We ended the excursion leaving our passengers at their respective lodgings.



- Professional bilingual guide.
- Private transportation until km 88 , starting point for the Inka Trail.
- Entrance ticket.
- Accommodation in wide double Carps.
- Dining room carp, kitchen and Bathroom carp.
- Tables and chairs.
- Mattresses.
- Cook.
- Carrier for camping equipment , doesn't carry personal items.
- All meals included until arrive to Machupicchu (Include the first
- Breakfast but not el last Lunch).
- First-aid kit.
- Oxygen ball.
- Back way train ticket(Back Packer-class Tourists)
- Transfers to their respective hotels..
- Group: Maximum 14 pax. (Private service)



- Sleeping bag.
- Small backpack for the personal things of our passengers.
- Walking boots.
- Coat or poncho for the rain.
- Water bottle (For the first day-trip in Bus), lantern, cap, blocking lot, sunglasses.
- Comfortable clothes, and many pair of socks.
- Mosquitos repellent.
- Chocolates and candies.
- Camera and many films.