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Adventure Tours

Apurimac River 3D2N



This laughed "Apurímac" considered among the 10 better rivers in the World for practice the adventure in rafting, its translated name means " God talking."




08:00AM Picking up the guest from their Lodging. We begin and have a trip for approximate 4 hours, during which will cross a height of 4,100 m.s.n.m, from where we will appreciate the wonderful and impressive landscape of the area, point where we begin to descend until the 2100 m.. s.. n.. m and organize our touching adventure.
1:00 PM Time to have a lunch. After which we will have a security chat. It will be explained to the passenger all envelope about the boat, rapids and some rescue techniques. We begin the rafting in Huallpachaca bridge. Having in practice the previously explanation in the security chat , such as: When the boat turn, use the rescue lines, kayak and kataraft., all this with the purpose of any eventuality the passengers are prepared. We begin our descent in class rapids I and II. We arrive to the first strong express class IV called Chute, we observe the same one, we organize the security team and we still with the descent. After approximately 2 hours of journey, we arrive to the first "picking up" (place where it is not possible to cross on boat because it has a class level VI, reason why we should load the whole team including the boats). camping in the denominated Odyssey place.
08:00 PM Dinner time ( soup, main plate, hot drink) Having a necessary meeting, we will talk about what´s coming the following day. Games in groups with the passengers' participation.


06.45 AM Having a good breakfast.
07.15 AM At this time we continue with our second day rafting, more touching still that the previous one, since the rapids are stronger. For security reasons, the passengers should walk the Odyssey bypass, we begin running class rapids III as Mined Field, then we arrive to the second port called Purgatory.
12:00 M We will have a nutritious lunch, to recover forces.
02:00 PM We continue navigating for 2 hours rapids IV and V. We will run rapids as: Three Marías, The Z, Second Three Marías, organizing all the times the security.
04.30 PM After organizing the camp, we offer a lunch
07.30 PM Dinner time. The same as the previous night will be given rules about the following day to the passengers.


06:00AM We will have the breakfast.
08:30 AM We will begin the journey, this is the strongest day, since we will run level rapids III, IV and V, in these rapids we check out the security and we descend the river.
12.00 M Lunch time.
02:30 PM We continue rowing 2 and ½ hours more, during which there is several picking up places after working the same ones we will run more over rapids III, IV and V depending the season.
12:30 PM Lunch-time with a delicious BBQ with salads. We pack our equipment and time to back to Cusco in
4 hours riding on our private bus.


NOTICE : The rapids are classified in the following way: Hinder Easy I-II without risk, something touching. Difficulty III-IV Good and Touching, with some risk. Difficulty V Riskfully and emotionally. Hinder VI extreme Risk, not allowed to run



- Professional-paramedic bilingual guides .
- Rafting equipment (helmets, Remus, Waterproof Coat, Vest Lifeboat, neoprene Suit, Inflable boat).
- All meals during the trip.
- Accommodation in wide Double Carps.
- Hermetic bags for the personal objects .
- Kayak of security.
- Throw away Cargo carrier.
- Private transportation.
- pictures and video taking extra service.
- complete First-aid kit .
- Satelital cellphones.



- Swimming clothes.
- Towel.
- Sandals.
- Short pants
- Four pairs of socks.
- Warm clothes for nights.
- Sleeping bags, Mattress and lantern
- Water bottle and snacks (For the trip of the first day in Bus).
- The personal belongings must in plastic bags.
- Cap , blocking lot, mosquitos repellent, tissue paper.
- Personal objects.