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Adventure Tours

Down Hill to Chinchero Urquillos


Our trip to chinchero urquillos in bicycle gives us the opportunity to mix the adventure with the charm forest and interrelating with the region environment .
Moving in bicycle for the forest will give us the opportunity to appreciate in comfort the quantity of biodiversity in native species.



8.00 AM
We pick up the guest from their respective hotels.
9:00 AM
We arrive to Chincheros village where we will give a brief visit to this
archaeological complex, then we will begin the descent by bicycle
with destination to Urquillos village, approximately 2 hours of descent.
11:30 AM
We arrive to the village of Urquillos.
12.00 PM
Box Lunch
01:30 PM
We return in our private bus heading for the city of Cusco
03:30 PM
One our approximate our arrival to Cusco city.


- Complete transportation in our private van.
- Entrance ticket.
- Expert bilingual guide
- Box lunch
- Bicycle, helmet and gloves.


- Light and warm clothes.
- Solar protector and sunglasses.
- Small Backpack.